Monday, April 02, 2007

Chilli with Tears

I was supposed to go to the football, with cucciolo mio last night.
Anticipating few vegan food options, and a chilly autumn night, I made a pot of chilli.

As it turned out, cucciolo mio bought home an orphan stray kitten.
We nixed our plans in favour of looking after, the little fuzzball of cuteness.

Sadly, little one ended up dying last night :'(
We don't even really know what happened to her. She just started crashing, and never got better..
Cucciolo mio and I were so upset, we didn't feel like eating at all.

Today I am still feeling a little tender..
But with a big pot of chilli in the fridge, I decided I should eat some for lunch.

I made up the chilli recipe- I've made chilli so many times, I know the basic formula now..
Still, right now I can't remember what I put in it.


Celine said...

poor little stray kitty! at least you gave it a good home, and love, for what little time she had left on this planet.

Sally Veganini said...

Thanks for your sweet words Celine :)

I seem to be attracting it-
This weekend, a lost dog found her way into my home.. This one had a much happier ending though, as she was finally reunited with her family :)

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