Monday, October 15, 2007

Carrot-Pineapple-Coconut-Macadamia Nut Cupcakes

What happened to the cupcake girl?
It seems when I do bake cupcakes these days, rare as it is, I fall back, on this familiar favourite.
From my adaptation of Isa Chandra's carrot-coconut-ginger-macadamia nut cake recipe, from VWaV..
Non vegans & vegans alike seem to love these..
I ate three the day I baked them!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

You don't bring me zucchini flowers anymore..

I've been enjoying cooking multi part meals lately..
I remember the first time.. way back when.. there were many hungry guests.. and an Indian feast, not yet materialised.. I think we ate at about 10pm..
These days, I'm much better..
And if I'm not the one cleaning all the pots, hey, why not use many ;D
Last night there was:
*steamed broccoli, dressed in lemon juice and olive oil
*roasted red capsicum
*shitake mushroom, and leek risotto
*deep fried zucchini flowers
zucchini flowers (figure about 4 per person as a side)
1/4 flour (for every 8 flowers)
Drizzle of olive oil
1/8 cup water (approx.)
vegetable oil for frying
1.Wash and dry zucchini flowers.
2.Stir olive oil into flour, combining well. Add water, slowly, stirring well to combine. You want a nice thick-ish slurry.
3.Heat oil for frying.
4.Place flowers in batter, to coat well, allowing the excess to drip off.
5.Place carefully in hot oil, and allow to fry for a couple of minutes- Until the batter has turned a little golden, and the zuc's are tender.
6.Scoop the zuc's out, and drain on kitchen paper.