Saturday, December 29, 2007

Plum Cherry Pie with Vanilla Ice-Cream

He said "It's almost as good as a lovers made orgasm"..
Yes, this tasted pretty mindblowingly good!!!

Stevie and I went to my Dads farm last weekend..
We picked (rescued) a huge bag full of cherry plums-
Ducking under the cover of the trees cool branches, weighed down by the ripe red baubles..
We are going again next week, to pick the other varieties of plums.. oh the possibilities!

I got an ice-cream maker for my birthday, and have been having a lot of fun playing with it..

Sometimes, things just come together at the final turn, when you never expected they would even turn out, and all you can do is ahhhh in wonder at the outcome..
Our pie mixture was too runny, so we added more arrowroot and crossed our fingers..
We wondered if an ice-cream made purely from soy milk, vanilla and arrowroot could be good..
Did walnuts (in the crust) even go with plum cherries?

Somehow it all worked, and it was incredible!

Pie crust recipe will follow shortly..


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zarah said...

this looks so delicious!!! :)