Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Making love in the kitchen -Broccoli & Tofu with Tomatoes

There has been change a foot in the world of veganini..
I didn't intend to turn my back, (again), on my dear little & oft neglected blog.
I just lost the words..

There has been a lot of love making in the kitchen.
Learning the subtle art of co-creation..
I've done the director-&-the-directed kind before.. and even the you-do-the-cooking-I'll-do-the-washing-up kind, but I've never experienced true co-creation.

For someone that got very good at cooking for one, and thus, was very used to pleasing herself, it hasn't always come easy..
And really what else is it but what you're used to, when it comes to finely diced, or coarsely chopped, and other such things?
It's not even about jocking for position of who-knows-best, it's about finding that soft centre, where two people come together and the differences and similarities merge together in the most beautiful and satisfying way..

That soft centre, is the nicest place to inhabit..
He sizzled the tofu, and I simmered the sauce

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